Our Story

We firmly believe it is not just about the destination but also the journey. As our family has grown, the desire to roam has remained constant, but the need the do it safely has become the highest priority. We travel across the country multiple times a year, with some kind of trailer in tow.

 EZ Grease n Go was developed on one of those long road trips when founders Butch and Liz Groves could not avoid hearing that awful squeak of an ungreased ball coming from their goose neck hitch. The lithium grease they had applied at the start of their trip had worn off. Butch pulled off the Interstate and was able to buy a tube of grease and a grease gun to remedy the situation. After unhooking his loaded horse trailer in a parking lot, he applied the grease with the bulky and expensive grease gun. More of it ended up on his hands than the ball. Knowing that a properly greased ball allows for smoother and safer travels, he felt better about his quick stop. That was soon countered though, when he went to clean up his hands and saw an "out of order" sign on the bathroom. This "quick stop" turned into 45 minutes, when all was said and done. " There has got to be a more convenient, faster, and cleaner way to grease your hitch" Liz remembers Butch saying, as she helped him clean off with a garden hose located at the back of the gas station. Upon getting back in the truck to continue their journey, EZ Grease'n Go came to life.

This innovative and EZ to use product allows for your hitch to be evenly greased in a matter of seconds with little to no clean up. Just peel back the label, place over your hitch, rotate 360 degrees, remove, and discard. It is as simple as that. Small, compact, and EZ to take with you on your adventures. Enjoy getting to your destination knowing that you are traveling safer.

This product is assembled by the workers at the HC Opportunity Center (HCOC). HCOC empowers individuals with disabilities to lead more productive, and fulfilling lives. HCOC’s ultimate goal is to increase each worker’s potential for successful competitive employment.

Made from Recycled Materials.

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